soul movement 5

I have begun referring to myself as Soul.

Soul in physical body.


soul movement - be easy

There is a sense of limitlessness I associate with my new realisation – it’s breath taking and liberating.

Most importantly I am able to recognise other souls and understand that no matter where they are, where they are from or headed — they too, like me, carry the regal spirit of greatness.

soul movement 3

soul movement - limitless possibilities

soul movement 9

The idea for this photo series [Soul Movement] came from this self-realisation. It’s become so clear to me now that our circumstances don’t define who we are and who we become (what we do with our lives). Too many of us let external circumstances determine the way we move and to where we move. Many images, stories, people perpetuate this false idea. Maybe it’s because if we all had to see who we really are and what  we are truly capable of, then this system that has been benefitting only a few would have no choice but to crumble. Those who bully – with war, words or other forms of distress – would have to see themselves as equals to their prey. Those who feel like victims would have to rise above past or current experiences and be equal to what they truly believe themselves to be.

soul movement 1

It is imperative to see yourself clearly in the midst of circumstantial confusion.

No matter where you’re from, where you are or where you’re going – you already ARE the goodness and the success you seek. See it in yourself and see it in others.

Think about this: Greatness comes IN all forms.

Soul Movement 10 soul movement 4 soul movement 2

soul movement 7 soul movement 11

soul movement 8

soul movement 6

Words: Kwanele Kunene

Model: Kwanele Kunene

Photo Cred: Simz Marvel


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