Come See Beautiful Things

Zanele Muholi - Babhekeni (Look at them).jpgZanele Muholi – Babhekeni/ Look at them

Sometimes it’s great to see a beautiful thing, be taken by it and let it be just that. The lack of concept can be liberating.  I’d love to receive an invite to an exhibition where the artist’s only request is for you to experience sublime images. That’s all.

I’ve always considered myself to be a “superficial” viewer, always being drawn to looks instead of narrative. Now that I know better I understand that things of beauty make it easier to delve deep into the soul of the work – the reason for the beauty. At times the reason can either: mirror the image, be gruesome, confusingly complex or just eh.

One thing I’m discovering is that I would much rather be surrounded by beauty with no meaning than inauthentic narratives that only aim to be an easily marketable selling point.

“There are many ways of leading human beings astray”.


*Kwanele Kunene


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