The energy in process is the experience of form

20170519_151941Paolo Bini Nastri (Tapes), 2016

I’m discovering that the process of creating is so crucial in how the final product will be received.
While some things seem naturally beautiful, intricate or simple; how the artist gets to the point of completing the work is something interesting to consider.

I recently visited Circa Gallery, Johanneburg, to see the group exhibition Spectrum. The title of the exhibition immediately leads you to think: LIGHT. This was, of course, the main theme in imagery at the show however there were a few pieces that unpacked the idea in striking ways.


When I saw Paolo Bini’s Nastri (Tapes), 2016 I instantly found myself in an unexpected state of meditation. I stood there not watching but feeling. I didn’t think as there was nothing to think of, at least nothing more important than the peace I was being offered. The work was  a moment of pure freedom. My mind’s eye saw him patiently and perfectly laying down each strip of tape in order to give his opinion to the world, whatever that may be. I imagined him in a quiet, focused state, positively charging his white square with subtle blemishes of colour.

20170519_150615Fred Clarke’s Zero One Zero, 2015

Fred Clarke’s Zero One Zero, 2015 delightfully honoured the subject. Being shown the gathering of energy in such detail made me consider the type of energy I gather and give off at every moment of my life. The process of creating is a running theme in my life right now. I’m learning that whatever it is one wants to have – the feeling in the journey towards making your desires a reality will be reflected in the final product. What’s great about Fred Clark’s illustration is that it serves as a reminder that tangible energy is not permanent therefore if you are dissatisfied with something you can always let go of the idea and begin on something fresh and fulfilling.


*kwanele kunene


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