Art And The City


The idea for Art And The City came while I found myself going to countless art exhibitions and corresponding walkabouts. Growing up I always thought that I would become an artist but life happened (I got in my own way) and my story continued without that which made me happy. Finding myself showing a keen interest in the medium again made me grateful because I knew that I belonged there.

I love being in galleries – spaces where people are free to be themselves and say whatever it is they want; transform ideas, belief systems, lives.  I knew then that I had to learn with intent. I didn’t want to visit galleries in order to be something of a “pseudo intellectual” when in the presence of people who may not be well informed.

There is so much for me and for anyone who is a consumer of anything to learn about and experience through art. I hope that you will enjoy this journey as much as I will and that you too can learn and experience the ideas, emotions, creations which have been bravely put out by artists.

Through this platform I intend on:

  • Learning
  • Sharing my experiences
  • Creating a database of African Artists
  • Making the space less intimidating for people
  • Exploring Africa’s various creative hubs
  • Having Fun and Being in Love with everything I encounter!


kwanele kunene*


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